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Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant Assignment for Graduate Courses at UC Irvine :
BANA 201A: Statistics for Data Science

Teaching Assistant Assignments for Undergraduate Courses at UC Irvine :
Econ 15A/B : Probability and Statistics
Econ 105A : Intermediate Quantitative Economics
Econ 115 : Behavioral Economics
Econ 134 : Corporate Finance
Econ 142 CW : Industrial Organization
Econ 149: Options, Futures, and Derivatives
Econ 161B : International Money

Selected Comments from Students

1. “he is very good at explaining difficult concepts he really cares if we understand what is going on in class especially when midterms are coming he is one of the best TAs I have ever had”


2. “The TA is able to explain the concepts clearly with useful examples.”


3. “He made every single topic crystal in the sense he discussed every topic in thorough detail, and he was very nice when I asked questions.”


4. “Presented material in an insightful and clear way. Was able to address problems students faced and helped guide students through the material with ease.”


5. “The TA (Saad Andalib Syed Shah) was well prepared for class before the discussion class.”


6.  “He is good at teaching. He prepared well for the class and answer our questions.”


7. “Very nice individual, helpful whenever called upon for help; eager to assist”


8.  “Good in seeing the big picture of economics”


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